Role of Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Real estate investment trust known as REIT is almost similar to a mutual fund investment, except that here you invest in income generating real estate assets. This Trust collects funds from different investors who can invest in smaller amounts in a real estate property and once the trust gets back ROI it distributes the profit to the investors as per their principal amount invested.

In REIT you can only invest in completed and approved real estate properties, and the returns depend on the appreciating value of the real estate asset. Hence all terms and conditions are listed down by the various governing bodies to keep it regulated, and the investors are also well informed and clear about where they are investing before even deciding to invest their hard earned money.buildings

REIT can raise funds through an initial offer and gradually raise it through follow-up offers once it’s listed. Just like other REITs around the world, Singapore REITs also have the minimum amount of subscription depending on different rules and regulations set by governing body the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which is the body with a mandate to set rules and guidelines for the Singapore REIT sector.

How has REITS impacted the market?

  • Formation of REIT has helped the investors as well as the struggling developers who are looking out to reduce their debts.
  • The investors who are genuine but cannot invest huge amounts get an opportunity to invest smaller amounts where they get ROI and feel that their investment is secure and full proof.
  • With time it is estimated REIT will help to make the investment market more liquid and mature regarding more investors coming in into the field.
  • REIT has helped to make the transactions as transparent as possible as the investor is well informed about where and how they are investing, and they can analyze what return they can expect.
  • The properties are well investigated, and a proper report is submitted before they can qualify to be included under REIT. Thus the chances of any fraud are nullified here.
    buildings night views And the most important factor to consider here is REITs are given “pass through” status by the income tax department hence it’s not the trust but the beneficiary investors who earn the income out of their investment have to pay the tax. Thus, REIT has helped to regulate real estate market to a lot of extents and a regular improvement is expected in coming days.

Top Reasons you Should Invest in Gold


There are many benefits of investing. If you have been looking for a safe way to keep your money and to grow your wealth, investing in gold should be on top of your list. It is hard to predict what is going to happen with the economy soon. That is why people are constantly looking for ways to keep the wealth that they have worked so hard to get over the years. There is no doubt that gold provides one of the best ways to keep the wealth you have acquired safe.

Why Invest in Gold?

It is one of the most precious items in the worldinvestment

Gold has been and will continue to be one of the most valuable things in the world. Gold is valued all over the world. When you invest in gold, you will never have to worry that you are putting your money in something that can lose its value. You can take your physical gold to any corner of the world and you will be able to sell it at high prices. This is something that cannot be said about other forms of investments. Other forms of investments can easily lose their value.

The value of gold has always been increasing

The value of gold has always been increasing over the years. The value of gold today is significantly higher than it was ten years before. When you decide to buy gold today, you can be sure that its value will be higher in a few years to come.

gold Therefore, if you have been looking for an investment that appreciates in value fast, gold should be at the top of your list. Investing in gold will not only help you keep your money safe, but it will also help you grow your wealth as well.

Gold protects you from currency devaluations

You have probably heard of governments devaluing their currencies. Many other things are beyond your control that can make a currency lose its value. When you invest in gold, you will never have to worry about currency devaluations. This is because your gold will always keep its value. When governments devalue currencies or when currencies lose their value because us of one reason or the other, your gold will still have its high purchasing power. Buying gold is a great way of protecting yourself from currency devaluations.